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Here to help bring your next project to life.

We all have great ideas, but communicating those ideas is another story. Whether you are master planning your next dream action sports complex or have a unique concept or product idea that you are trying to create, we are here to help bring those ideas to life. Our aim is to equip individuals and teams with a visual toolset to achieve communication, design and production goals.

DugOut Design Studio incorporates screen sharing software with rapid modeling techniques that allow you to -simply- talk to the screen and tell the designer what to draw. We allow you to visually explore ideas quickly and discover potential design flaws or future roadblocks before they happen. This saves everyone time and money. We connect the client and team with the designer in a way that reduces confusion and long turn-around times for each iteration.

Whether you are just at the napkin sketch phase or in the middle of problem-solving a current project, we will be here to guide you through the iterative design process.

Great ideas deserve great communication.

Through a process we call Live Design, DugOut Design Studio offers the ultimate online, creative design solution that brings groups of people together with a 3D designer for real-time visualization and collaboration. Think of us as your personal designer you can tap into and access from anywhere with anyone, to help carry out your next project.

Learn the benefits of Live Design


3D Visualizations

Create a three-dimensional scale model that will help you visualize from all angles and clearly communicate your ideas to others.


Present with photo-realistic images of your design and get people hyped on what's to come! More enthusiasm equals more investment.


Let your end user experience your vision as they move through a 3D preview of your event course, product or facility.

Action Sports Facility Design

We have you covered from backyard compounds, private indoor training facilities and multi-sport complexes to made-for-tv events and film sets.

Event Branding

Create a scale model of your event space with branded sponsorship banners, booths and tents. Or, have us design you a custom branded feature to engage your spectators and athletes.

Product Design

Whether you have a napkin sketch or detailed concept, we bring a team together to work through design solutions and engineering to bring your idea to production.

Product Development

Take your concept to manufacturers, create prototypes, test and prepare your product for market.


By utilizing existing terrain mapping software, we are able to drop scale models onto sites around the world with great accuracy. This process allows us to design an event layout that will fit within the boundaries of your proposed site.

Estimating Packages

Once the conceptual design process is completed, many clients need to estimate the cost of their projects. Since everything is drawn to scale, quantities and takeoffs can easily be created and packaged to help with calculating the cost of your event.

Live Design

Think it. See it. Keep it or Nix it… instantly. 

See your ideas come to life as a 3D scale model, online, in real-time with a 3D designer.

Watch below as we fly you through the Live Design process.



At DugOut Design Studio we want everyone to be immersed in the design experience, because we believe creativity is amplified in a group dynamic and everyone has good ideas waiting to get out.


Invite your production team, partners, marketing team, sponsors and creatives to simultaneously be in the meeting. By asking questions as you think of them, we can better give design guidance and creative direction.


There’s nothing like a picture to help communicate complex ideas and get others on board with your vision. Within one to two hours, your team can have a scale model drawn up and ready for presentation.


Watch as your vision appears to scale right before your eyes. Previewing your vision within given parameters, from any angle, up close and far away, gives you the full picture to make key decisions.


Working in a scale model during the conceptualization phase allows for spacial problems to be identified before getting to deep in ideation. There’s no point in continuing down a wrong path if your idea doesn’t fit in a given space.


Eliminate the exchange of multiple emails and conceptual versions. It takes seconds to get a LIVE meeting up and going. With your team communicating together, huge time and money is saved.


Via video conference, individuals and teams can be sent a meeting and be a part of the design process no matter where they are in the world.


We combine our tools for rapid visualization and design direction with your vision. The result is your ideas realized to scale in a few hours or less. In real-time, there’s no need to wait for the second version to come back. Think it, see it, keep or nix it…instantly.

Dug Ketterman

Owner, Dug Ketterman, leads with 25+ years involvement in action sports and a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Art Institute of Portland. Prior to establishing DugOut Design Studio, Dug led a multitude of high profile national and international action sports design projects for event builders, California Skateparks/California RampWorks. During this time, he gained valuable experience designing and working behind the scenes on large scale, made for TV events and film productions. Some of his notable design projects include: (21) X Games Skateboard/BMX Park and Street courses, (4) Dew Tour Streetstlye courses, Red Bull Hartlines, Nike Lunar One Shot sculpture, KTR Franchise and The DC Embassy Barcelona. Prior to designing some of the world’s largest action sports events, Dug saw his passion through design, build and management of skateparks across Indiana, North Texas and Florida. At the age of 17, his first project, Flounder Skatepark, won 3 state community awards inspiring surrounding cities to build skateparks of their own.  The majority of his structural and product designs have been built, making him fluent in construction processes, materials, on-site logistics and art direction.

Experience Innovation
Through ongoing education and almost two decades of first-hand design/build experience, it is one of DugOut’s goals to consistently bring new processes and technologies to the action sports industry. DugOut Design Studio uses innovative design practices, is skilled in a diversity of advanced 3D modeling and CAD softwares and keeps current on groundbreaking manufacturing technologies. We work with licensed architects, engineers and state-of-the-art manufacturers to deliver the best product and experience for our clients.

Whether at the drawing board or on site, the creative talent, industry expertise and decades of hands on experience, gives DugOut Design Studio the ability to make educated design decisions and quickly visualize a clients dream. Be it for an action sports facility, large scale event or custom equipment development, DugOut Design Studio has the capabilities to take an idea to concept, funding and development.

Live Design
In 2010, Dug began incorporating what he called, Live Design, into his design process. By receiving instant feedback from clients as he drew in 3D, clients could watch his computer screen and see their visions rapidly appear. With his ability to quickly create in 3D scale, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the industry and building and engineering processes, Dug ultimately became the design liason between large network production teams such as ESPN and NBC Sports, project managers, marketing groups, sponsors and the athletes. After many sessions and positive feedback, Dug found that Live Design saved everyone time and money, it allowed people to collaborate together from any part of world, and that most people have great ideas, they just have a hard time collecting and visualizing those ideas. Ever since, it has been his goal to ensure that every client can see their vision come to life and be truly involved in the creative process. In 2015, DugOut Design Studio was created with Live Design as a core process.

Leave things better than the way you found them.

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