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Here to help bring your next project to life.

We all have great ideas, but communicating those ideas is another story. Whether you are master planning your next dream action sports complex or have a unique concept or product idea that you are trying to create, we are here to help bring those ideas to life. Our aim is to equip individuals and teams with a visual toolset to achieve communication, design and production goals.

DugOut Design Studio incorporates screen sharing software with rapid modeling techniques that allow you to -simply- talk to the screen and tell the designer what to draw. We allow you to visually explore ideas quickly and discover potential design flaws or future roadblocks before they happen. This saves everyone time and money. We connect the client and team with the designer in a way that reduces confusion and long turn-around times for each iteration.

Whether you are just at the napkin sketch phase or in the middle of problem-solving a current project, we will be here to guide you through the iterative design process.

Great ideas deserve great communication.

Through a process we call Live Design, DugOut Design Studio offers the ultimate online, creative design solution that brings groups of people together with a 3D designer for real-time visualization and collaboration. Think of us as your personal designer you can tap into and access from anywhere with anyone, to help carry out your next project.

Learn the benefits of Live Design