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Bryce Menzies New Frontier World Record Jump

Category: Animations, Set Design

Client: States and Kingdom

Date: March 2016

Project Overview:

DugOut Design Studio was asked by States and Kingdom to create a 3D scale model of the ghost town movie set, so they could effectively plan the ramp layout for RedBull Athlete, Bryce Menzies, to attempt a world record jump. Both renderings and animations were created to show the Torc Racing Truck and its run-up, flight path and coinciding camera angles for on site logistics and planning.


• CAD model conversion with typography
• 3D model and asset creation

• Texturing and scene creation
• Truck animation, scene animation
• Rendering package
• Camera Angle Analysis

Design Challenges:

This was a fun challenge that would be full of details; animating the truck to look believable, keeping the model to scale, adding the textures to all the building facades to create the old and weathered look.


These animations and drawings helped the Red Bull team decide on camera angles, ramp placement, and general site logistics prior to activating any of the work on site. The town model was also handed over to another animation studio with the hopes of trying to create a 3D panorama camera effect for planning. Bryce Menzies did indeed set a new world record of 379.4 feet during one of the test ones. Unfortunately, he also crashed during training before he was able to perform the stunt live for Red Bull TV.