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Kia World Xtreme Games

Category: Event Skateparks

Client: CA RampWorks

Date: 2015

Project Overview:

The Kia World Extreme Games is an action sports competition represented by 10 countries and featuring sports such as Skateboard Street, BMX, Skateboard and Inline Vert, and Speed Climbing. In 2015, the majority of the events were held at Jiangwan Stadium and the Vert ramp was built in front of the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China. This event was live for more than 75,000 fans. The 2015 event debuted the Asian Skate Street Invitational, converting an existing plaza into a skateable contest venue.


• Street course design
• Geo location of stadium and venue
• 3D model stadium and venue
• Construction documents for all street course features
• 3D renderings and presentation packages for Street Course, MiniMega, Speed Climbing and Best Trick Quarterpipe
• Environmental design and lighting package

Design Challenges:

– Designing a street course in Shanghai without a site visit and basing the course off of minimal site measurements.
– Designing a skateable course to fit within existing tight-space parameters


We were able to design a functioning street course that integrated into the existing plaza. All dimensions and design needs were finalized prior to crews arriving on site. This allowed for course features to be fabricated in the U.S. and shipped overseas. To prove the ramps would fit on site, the Vert Ramp was geo located and placed in 3D in front of the Pearl Tower. Renderings and dimension layout plans were also provided.