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KTR Franchise

Category: Animations, Indoor Sports Facilities, Retail

Client: KTR Franchise

Date: 2015

Project Overview:

Working one-on-one via Live Design with Geoff Eaton, owner and creator of the newly franchised KTR Family Action Sports Center, a truly unique and visionary facility for families of action sports enthusiasts was created. The first location in Chandler, Arizona, is a 60,000 sq. ft. facility that contains a multitude of disciplines including tumbling, trampolines, cheerleading, parkour training, ninja warrior training, dodgeball areas, skateboarding street and bowl, scooters, dance, gymnastics and cross-fit. The facility also has a full retail shop, dining and hang-out zones. Not only were unique and custom features designed throughout the facility, but also an environment that would bring the outdoors inside was realized. Different concepts were developed over a span of three years for multiple locations before landing the first location in Chandler.


• 3D model creation of multiple facilities
• 3D model creation of all features within the facility
• Multiple layout designs and flow analysis
• Emergency and ADA research and implementation
• Hi-Res 3D rendering packages
• 3D animated fly-throughs of the facility
• Design of the street course and custom flow bowl
• Implementation of outdoors/in concept by adding life-size trees and outdoor elements
• Estimating packages
• Texture and fabric design
• Interior design

Design Challenges:

– One of the most challenging aspects of the facility was the magnitude of the project and the amount of detailing that needed to be created to
bring this project to life. Changes for different venues and last minute design tweaks to meet deadlines for presentation meetings were also common place.


We provided designs and concepts from the very inception of the franchise to help sell the concept to potential investors and partners. By utilizing the Live Design process we were able to work through many design concepts quickly to get the desired results and aesthetics. Final renderings and animated fly-throughs were created to help spread the word of the facilities grand opening. Detailed estimating and design packages were also created to help with the production of custom features, materials and various custom printed, foam-backed vinyl padding.

Photos courtesy: Kam Krigel (images 5-10)

View KTR Chandler Fly-Through