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Lake Havasu Open

Category: Event Branding

Client: CA Productions

Date: 2015

Project Overview:

The Lake Havasu Open is a skateboarding event created by CA Productions for both amateur and professional athletes. This event was designed to take place at the Tinnell Memorial Sports Park in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The goal was to utilize all of the existing skate terrain and site facilities to run the competitions and provide ample space for sponsors, vendors and food & beverage areas. Fully branded renderings were created to help sell to potential sponsors, as well as, help in coordinating logistics and layout of the overall event.


• 3D model and terrain creation
• Multi-brand rendering packages
• Lighting and environmental design
• Presentation packaging

Design Challenges:

Creating an organized file system that would allow for quick changes to the branding; 10 different branded packages were created in under two days.


Multiple hi-res rendering packages were created to help the client sell to potential sponsors. The design process also helped the client generate estimating and budgeting numbers for logistics analysis.