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Shop Overload

Category: Retail

Client: Shop Overload

Date: 2015

Project Overview:

Shop Overloadis a boutique Skateshop and sneaker-head destination with two stores in San Diego, CA. The owners and investors met with us to participate in a live design session in order to develop a scale 3D model of their newest retail location. Over a five hour session we were able to design all of the features and fixtures within the store, adjust colors and layouts, and also define traffic flow and storage needs. Hi-res renderings were created as pre-promotion of the stores opening and the 3D model was converted into spec sheets that were provided to the builders and architects for final detailing and stamping.


• Live Design
• Hi-Res 3D renderings
• Construction documents
• Dimension plans
• Interior design
• Lighting design

Design Challenges:

– Developing a design solution that met the needs of the creative department, investors and builders in less than a day.


We created an interior design solution that not only fit the retail unit space, but allowed the client to be a part of the entire design process. After the initial design session, final renderings and construction documents were created to help pre-promote the new stores grand opening and help with the estimating and budgeting process.