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Category: Event Courses, Event Planning




Project Overview:

Andy Mac had originally hit me up to help him visualize and layout his concepts for his vision. Using online meetings we were able to work through the geometry and skate-mathematics that go into making something like this possible. After several iterations we came up with a close representation of what is is use today. This package was created as a sales tool to try and get Squatch on as a sponsor. They did not succeed in getting the sponsor dollars, but the guys were able to make this project regardless at the Claremont Skatepark. 


  • 3D Live Design Sessions
  • 3D model and asset creation
  • Branding and Graphics
  • Hi-Res Renderings
  • Engineering Layout and Dimensioned Drawings

Design Challenges:

Short turnaround time. Multiple changes to branding, graphics and layout. Not too many challenges, but Andy had a lot of unique ideas and geometry that we had to help figure out on the fly.


They did not get that sponsor, but used the graphics for marketing their event and did end up making the project a reality.