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Volcom Super-Collider

Category: Event Branding, Event Skateparks

Client: CA RampWorks

Date: 2015

Project Overview:

Remy Stratton from Volcom had an idea for a multi-directional ramp that incorporated a giant Volcom stone in the middle. The ramp needed to be easily set-up and taken down at events around the country. This ramp was originally designed and built for the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, TX, and was intended for amateur and professional skateboarders.


• Live Design
• 3D modeling
• Renderings
• Construction documents
• Assembly instructions

Design Challenges:

– Designing the ramp layout to function while retaining Volcom’s aesthetics


We were able to design a ramp that not only went together easily, but would also be easily changeable and customizable in the future. Utilizing the Live Design process, Remy was able to visualize exactly what he was thinking while working with real issues as they arose during the design process.