Confidently Design Your Vision.
How it looks.
How it works.
How it's made.

From outdoor venues to interior commercial spaces we help
conceptualize, plan, design and source action sports environments and experiences.
We aim to inform, research and develop sustainable solutions for our clients
in order to protect the earth and improve the health of our play spaces. 

Our Clients

Great Ideas Deserve Great Visuals.

KTR Indoor Action Sports Playground Location #4 – Salt Lake City

Action Sports Facilities, Art Direction, Marketing + Branding, Skatepark Design

Nitro World Games 2020

Action Sports Facilities, Events, Marketing + Branding, Stage + Screen

CJ Collins’ New Backyard

Residential, Skatepark Design

Hermiston Skatepark, OR

Grind for Life Wellness Center concept design

Action Sports Facilities, Art Direction, Fundraising, Marketing + Branding, Skatepark Design

RedBull WallRide

Art Direction, Events, Marketing + Branding, Skatepark Design

Jacob’s Mission Community Center

Art Direction, Fundraising, Marketing + Branding

The Crystal Ballroom

Stage + Screen

KTR Indoor Action Sports Playground Franchise

Action Sports Facilities, Art Direction, Marketing + Branding, Skatepark Design

Leverage the Power of 3D.

Raise capital, win jobs and build your vision.

3D Design Visualization Services

3D Modeling

View your next project from every angle in true scale custom environments


Receive dimensioned drawing sets for permitting, estimates and production.


Showcase photo-realistic imagery to help sell or promote your project.


Guide your audience through an immersive 3D fly-through.

Dave Mateus

Nitro Circus Live

"Working with DugOut Design Studio has been an invaluable tool for planning and promoting many events that I have worked on over the years. We use these visuals for everything in the initial stages of planning, designing and announcing the event. We also use the animated renderings to pitch host cities and partners and to give the industry and athletes a first look at the course. DugOut Design Studio offers a quick and affordable way to create renderings that you can use to sell your event to everyone involved, including spectacular content that can be used to market your event. If a picture is worth a thousand words, the animations that DugOut creates are worth a million!​"

Mike Rogers

Grind for Life

"Grind For Life has partnered with the best virtual rendering company there is - Dug Out Design Studio. They have taken Grind For Life Wellness Facility to the Next Level with visuals people can understand. We highly recommend Dug and his company for your next project.​"

Anika Robinson

"The original rendering you did for us has proved very useful not only for fundraising efforts but for the actual elevation updates that have been done to the building. The Community Center has come a long way... in fact we had a private citizen come forward right before Christmas and make a MILLION DOLLAR donation to pay off the mortgage on the property!​"

Let's Get Drawing.


DugOut Design Studio has been announced as designer for the new Valparaiso Skatepark, Flounder II

Conceptual Design, Design and 3D Visualization, News Releases, Public Skatepark Design

View Press Release Here Take Online Public Survey DugOut is proud and excited to announce that we have been awarded the design contract for the new Va...

Rendering of Lockers

3D vertical locker section


Here is one of my older models of a stack of lockers. All of the edges are beveled and there is fine detail around the locks as well as door vents. Th...

Room to Grow

Eco Innovation R & D: Growing Mushroom Skateparks

Design Development, Sustainability, Technology

DugOut Eco Innovation Project: growing skateboard ramps out of mycelium (mushroom root structures) and hemp hurd. The prototype miniramp mold is compl...