The original rendering you did for us has proved very useful not only for fundraising efforts but the actual elevation updates that have been done to the building. The community Center has come a long way… in fact we had a private citizen come forward right before Christmas and make a MILLION DOLLAR donation to pay off the mortgage on the property!

Anika R., ASANow.Org


We are a 3D Design and Visualization company with the creative and technical capabilities to guide your project from napkin sketch to production. Our interactive LIVEDesign℠  service enables individuals and teams to collaborate and ideate with our designer in real-time from anywhere around the globe. 

LIVEDesign℠  has become an invaluable tool for our clients to be a part of our design workflow. Our designer utilizes his industry expertise and speed in 3D modeling software, to guide you through the design process in an immersive 3D scale environment. 

  • Quickly experiment with different ideas to visualize what’s possible in your given space.
  • Identify and solve logistical issues digitally before losing money with last minute on-site changes. 
  • Work through the decision making process in a matter of hours instead of waiting weeks for the next design iteration.
  • Visualize event layouts and logistics, on-site branding, stage productions, interior spaces, facilities and products.
  • Use us as little or as much as you need to communicate your design intent.

We consistently create compelling photo-realistic renderings, animations and technical drawings to add another level of professionalism to your pitches and presentations. Whether you need to convince potential sponsors to invest into your project or persuade a local city government to permit your next event, we are here to help

As a result of our design sessions we can create site plans, construction drawings, VR environments, take-offs and estimates to ready your project for prototypes or production. We work directly with licensed architects and engineers to help you acquire the necessary stamps or permits for your project.

We’ll help you create the necessary drawings and filetypes needed to communicate with various manufacturers to build and distribute your parts or prototypes. CNC routing, water-jet, plastics, injection molding, custom extrusions, fabrication and assembly are just a few of the many manufacturing processes that we can utilize to  take your project to production.

Recent Projects.

Grind for Life Wellness Center concept design

3D Modeling, Animations, Interior Design, Renderings, Retail Design, Skatepark Design

The Spanish Ballroom

3D Modeling, Renderings, Technical Drawings

RedBull WallRide

3D Modeling, Event Layout, Skatepark Design, Technical Drawings

Jacob’s Mission Community Center

3D Modeling, Renderings

The Crystal Ballroom

3D Modeling, Renderings, Technical Drawings

KTR Indoor Action Sports Playground Franchise

3D Modeling, Animations, Interior Design, Renderings, Retail Design, Skatepark Design, Technical Drawings


Equip Your Vision With a 3D Visual Toolset.

Our experience stems from 30+ years riding, building, designing and promoting action sports. From event course design, on-site branding and logistics to interior master planning, our clients rely on our experience to help guide them through this specialized industry in order to bring their concepts to life. Let us provide the visuals to communicate your vision.


3D Visualization


  • SketchUp Specialists
  • Event Layout and Branding
  • Animated Fly-Throughs
  • Photo Realistic Renderings
  • Architectural Visualizations
  • 3D Modeling / Custom Environments
  • VR Environments
  • 360 Panoramas
  • Animated Characters and Vehicles
  • Lighting and Texture Packages
  • Drone Mapping
  • Live Design
  • Presentation Packages

Project Design


  • Stage/Set Design
  • Action Sports Terrain Design
  • Retail Environments
  • Event Layout
  • Sun Studies
  • Logistical Planning
  • Camera POV Study
  • Integrated Branding
  • Interior Design
  • Franchise Development
  • Engineering
  • Architectural Services
  • Biomimicry Based Design
  • Geo-location

Product Development


  • Sustainable R&D
  • Custom Product Design
  • Structural Design
  • Assembly and Installation Documentation
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Shipping Logistics / Distribution
  • Prototyping
  • Value Engineering
  • Graphic Design
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • CAD/CAM Production

Our Mission.

Exploring What’s Possible – Creating a Sustainable Future Together.

Sustainable Research, Design and Development.

From production and packaging to a product’s end of life,  decisions that determine the impact of a product on our earth and the people involved should be made at the design and development stage. It is our goal to continually research and implement the most eco-friendly manufacturing processes while minimizing waste and and maximizing efficiencies, in order that, we may inform and offer our clients sustainable solutions that are both kind to the earth and the bottom-line

Through biomimicry, scientists have discovered that nature knows best. There are millions of time-tested solutions to the world’s most complex problems, waiting to be discovered.  At DugOut, we are in the perfect place to do just that. Located in the Pacific Northwest, we live, work and play in the forests, mountains, streams, oceans and lakes with our families. We understand firsthand, how valuable and limited our natural resources are. This has been our inspiration and motivation to work with like-minded professionals to discover what nature has already solved.

If you want to lead your industry and develop eco-minded solutions for your next project, we are here for guidance. Many of your competitors are looking no further than today for yesterdays solutions. We are thinking about the future of our planet and future generations. 

KTR Franchise Case Study

Read about one of our latest projects and how we increased efficiency and reduced financial impact to create a sustainable franchise model.

Sustainability, stepping in the right direction.

View one of our latest blog posts for more sustainable strategies.

Contact us for your project.


Sustainability, stepping in the right direction


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