XR for Architecture and Construction

I attended the latest Design Reality event presentation last night downtown Portland, at the New Relic office.

The main topic of the evening: Digitally Designing the Physical World – XR for Architecture and Construction. 

Several vendors were set up, showcasing the latest in VR headsets and XR/VR solutions from a local Portland company, The Wild. I was able to put on a couple headsets and talk with the developers and end users as to what is currently possible, limitations to the tech, and other interesting nuggets I picked up from other attendees. 

I was definitely impressed by this groups goal to try and make these emerging technologies as ‘human’ as possible. 



Pros and cons of working in VR


  • You can share the same space with multiple people miles away
  • Instant Feedback and integration with clients and team members
  • You can move around the environment to gain an accurate point of view
  • Libraries of objects can be available at your command
  • Makes the experience more like an event


  • Expensive investment into the higher end interactive technology
  • Having to wear a headset is bulky and awkward
  • Some people fear VR is taking over "real" reality.
  • The acuracy is not there yet in the technology for the builders in the field to trust the heads-up display. The tech is close, but needs to gain the confidence of its potential users.

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