10 Things we love about the KTR Franchise design

DugOut Design Studio, still had one last ultimate test to judge the new KTR Scottsdale design. Read on for feedback as a family experiencing KTR....

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How Top Event Producers are Leveraging the Power of 3D

DugOut Design Studio created an animation from scratch to give you an idea of how our 3D visualization process can take you from concept, planning and...

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Evel Live 2 brand layout rendering

Visualizing Evel Live 2

It’s another year of world-record breaking stunts for Nitro Circus. Here at DugOut we’re always excited to assist the Nitro Circus team in visuali...

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dugout design studio decal

6 Ideas for Creating a Sustainable and Inspirational Home Office

According to a recent Fast Company article many CEOs are choosing home office spaces over remote locations. It’s also worth mentioning, many of ...

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Sustainability, stepping in the right direction

Sustainability strategies • Sourcing Materials• Efficient Design• Waste Reduction Life on this planet has efficiently survived for billions of y...

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Healthier skateparks: inspired by smart schools

Sustainable Building Week, Portland Oregon Hosted by Portland Green Schools Where: DOWA-IBI Architecture Firm – October 2018 Portland has joined...

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