Coloring and Activity Book for Future Skatepark Designers Cover by DugOut Design Studio

(FREE) Coloring and Activity Book for Future Skatepark Designers

DugOut Design Studio has made the first-ever "Coloring and Activity Book for Future Skatepark Designers" free for download. Aimed at kids ages 2-12, w...

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AR_miniramp placement

(AR) Augmented Reality for Skatepark Design

We're excited to introduce AR (Augmented Reality) for action sports design. AR is going to help clients preview and share their design intent to accel...

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The Testing Phae

Backyard Quarantine Activity: Build a Socially Distant + Reclaimed Bike Park

How we repurposed some building materials around the house to create our own modest backyard bike ramp during the coronavirus quarantine....

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10 Things we love about the KTR Franchise design

DugOut Design Studio, still had one last ultimate test to judge the new KTR Scottsdale design. Read on for feedback as a family experiencing KTR....

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How Top Event Producers are Leveraging the Power of 3D

DugOut Design Studio created an animation from scratch to give you an idea of how our 3D visualization process can take you from concept, planning and...

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Evel Live 2 brand layout rendering

Visualizing Evel Live 2

It’s another year of world-record breaking stunts for Nitro Circus. Here at DugOut we’re always excited to assist the Nitro Circus team in visuali...

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