3D Modeling, Event Layout, Skatepark Design, Technical Drawings

Volcom Super Collider

Client: California RampWorks Location: Fun, Fun, Fun Fest.  Austin, TX Date: August, 2014 Credit: Remy Stratten

Project Overview:

This ramp was designed for an event in Austin Texas called the Fun Fun Fun Fest. Remy Stratten had some wild ideas about a this multi-directional ramp he wanted to create. We hammered out a few concepts that would not only utilize as many existing ramp parts in the local warehouse as possible, but also be completely functional to skate and  fun to watch.


• Live Design • 3D modeling • Schematic Design • Construction drawings and parts diagrams • Skatepark Design/Engineering

Design Challenges:

• The toughest part of this job was trying to re-purpose as many ramp parts that were currently in storage in a local warehouse. We also designed  a solution that would flow in all directions and could be drawn up so the guys in the field could source the parts and assemble on site.


There were a few on-site design modifications based on ramp part availability, but the end product was a killer set-up that skated and photographed well.   This was a Fun Fun Fun project!    

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